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Youth Group

Who: open to all young people of junior and senior high school age

What: fun activities and events, and a chance to make friends and connect with other young people.

When: Sunday afternoons and evenings at dates to be announced throughout the year

Where: @ the First United Methodist Church of Fulton, NY and in the community

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Hello all! Welcome to our web page!

Youth Group Photo Gallery (click to view)

Trunk n Treat 2018_12
Trunk n Treat 2018_11
Trunk n Treat 2018_10
Trunk n Treat 2018_09
Trunk n Treat 2018_08
Trunk n Treat 2018_07
Trunk n Treat 2018_01
Trunk n Treat 2018_02
Trunk n Treat 2018_06
Trunk n Treat 2018_04
Trunk n Treat 2018_05
Trunk n Treat 2018_03
Youth Group 110
Youth Group 106
Youth Group 109
Youth Group 107
Youth Group 108
Youth group 104
Youth group 101
Youth group 102
Youth group 103
Youth group 100
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