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Noah's Christian Nursery School

"Guided by the Lord to bring light and love to little ones"

 The children are off now until the regular schools are back in session.

Mission Statement

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Together with families and community, Noah's Christian Nursery School strives to provide young children with a well-balanced, nurturing environment that encourages spiritual growth, creativity and social interaction. The children are given opportunities to promote independence, self-control, and responsibility. Our program emphasizes a spiritual
foundation and respect for others.

Perhaps you have a toddler eligible for preschool or know someone who may be interested in joining Noah’s Christian Nursery School.


Our pre-school registration is open to everyone. Noah’s Christian Nursery School prides itself on teaching children religious and moral values. They work with parents and the children in an attempt to make your child kindergarten ready. Their class sizes are small in order to allow for individualized attention.  There are morning and afternoon classes available.

Class Information

Here at Noah's Nursery School, we currently offer 3 programs: 

* A 2 day a week program from 9:00am-11:30 am
* A 3 day a week program from 9:00am-11:30 am

* A Monday - Friday class for 4-year-olds.

What do we offer here at Noah's Nursery School?


A social atmosphere where our kids can play, learn and grow. Our kids have the opportunity to attend field trips, celebrate holiday parties, and visit local businesses in our community. Our school also participates in community events, such as the Parade of Trees.


Our class sizes are small which allow for more one on one attention, as well as, helping children establish friendships with their classmates.


Our classes fill up fast. Register today to secure your spot! Share this post with your friends.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Ewald, Noah's Nursery School director, at (315) 592-7347.


You can also contact Sue by e-mail at or by sending a Facebook message to this page. We look forward to working with your children, here at Noah's Nursery School.

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