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Rev. Jefferson Niles

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Dear Friends,


I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, whose death on the cross and glorious resurrection we commemorate and celebrate this month. You are invited to enjoy this publication of our newsletter and send us feedback if possible.


As I write, our country and many others are dealing with the impact of a novel coronavirus outbreak which has led to a disruption in our normal way of life with the closing of schools, the cancellation of many activities, the furloughing of non-essential employees, and even the closing of places of worship. Only essential services remain in operation. Meanwhile, the reported number of cases of those infected with the virus continues to increase.


While this is a strange and difficult time it is at such times that people of faith are called to exercise their trust and confidence in God and demonstrate love and compassion. It is in the darkness that light is most needed and in times of uncertainty and fear that faith proves its power.


Our present situation can be used as an opportunity to reorder our priorities and reassess our values. If we use this temporary inconvenience well it can be an opportunity to renew our strength by spending time with our family and taking time to pray and meditate on Scripture. This period can bring us into a season of spring and lead to a joyous resurrection.


So as we approach the festival of the Resurrection (Easter) I pray that we will have a newfound appreciation for God’s act of raising Jesus from the dead. In Christ, there is victory, hope, joy, and new life. Let us spread this good news wherever people are found. Let the message of resurrection empower our belief that evil does not have the last word and death has lost its sting because Jesus overcame and conquered.


God bless you.




Jefferson C. Niles, EdD, MAE, BA

Pastor, FFUMC





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