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You can help keep our web ministry strong by making a donation of support. Your dollars help us reach out to the world.  It's easy and convenient.  Just click the button below.

Web Sponsors:

*   The Vosbury Family in celebration of a New Year!

*  Ryan & Cheryl Green in honor of all those who survived 2020!

*  Deborah Groom in honor of Karen OBrien for her kind and welcoming spirit.

*  The SOS small group in honor and thanksgiving to our congregation for their help with our Angel Christmas program

*  The SOS small group a special thank you to Vivi Marshall for her huge contribution and hard work for our Christmas program. She is an inspiration and a blessing to us all.

*  Tom Brown & the Finance Team in honor of & thanks to Vivienne Marshall for her generous spirit.

* The Caza Family in honor of Chris Caza’s 50th birthday on December 28th.


The First United Methodist Church has been sharing its Worship Service with the world since the December of 2006.  Since that time, we have improved our technology in the hopes of better serving our viewers.


Webcasts are sponsored by church members for a suggested donation of $15. (More can be donated)


Anyone wishing to keep our Web Ministry strong can sponsor a Sunday webcast by signing the Sponsor List at our church, calling the church secretary at (315) 592-7347 or emailing us at this address:

Church Copyright: CCLI#1137330

Streaming & Podcast: CSPL#026887

Christian Video License: CVLI#503881650

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