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The United Methodist Men

Originally chartered in 2009, The United Methodist Men is a group of several dozen men from our First United Methodist Church family whose purpose is to serve others and to share in worship, fellowship, prayer and servanthood.


The United Methodist Men meet monthly and plan out a large calender of events throughout the church year.  We raise money through dinners and other events which is used to support church ministry work such as our website ministry and youth ministries.

In the community around us, we also serve in various minitries. We participie in the wheelchair ramp ministrty in conjuction with ARISE.  This minsitry builds wheelchair ramps for housebound peole who are unable to affor ther own.

Also through the years, we have sponsored golf tournaments, craft shows, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts, done cleanup work at local sites in our community, and much more.


The UMM participate in the annual "Family Night at the Ball Park," where UMM groups and families gather to share a cookout/tailgating party and a baseball game.


We help out at many church events and provide support wherever needed throughout the entire year.


Our goals for the future include recruiting new members, expanding our ranks, worshipping more, and continuing to serve as best we can.


CLICK HERE to read more about our annual CRAFT SHOW.


Please enjoy some photos of the United Methodist Men in action: (click to enlarge)

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