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Quick Facts About Fulton First

When is worship held?


Sunday worship starts at 9:30 am, when people gather in our church sanctuary to view a video presentation that includes our weekly announcements and inspirational music to get everyone ready for worship. (People do not have to show up at 9:30 to be able to worship; they just like to because it is a good time to say hello to friends and find out what's going on at church).


Worship itself begins at 9:45 and usually runs about an hour depending upon whether or not special events (such as baptisms) are included. This would take a little longer, but we are almost always done by 11:00 am when or Fellowship Hour takes place.


What is Fellowship Hour?


It's a time after Sunday's Worship service when people gather to have coffee, tea, and all sorts of delicious snacks in our Fellowship Hall   Lots of us will gather and chat casually before we leave for home.    It's usually in our Fellowship Hall a gathering place that is sort of like a large kitchen and dining room, just down the hallway from the worship area.   At Fulton First, we have some REALLY great bakers!  Come share come goodies and warm conversation and leave when you like.


Is there a dress code?


Yes: you must wear clothes. As far as what kind of clothes, that's entirely up to you. We are very friendly and casual at Fulton First, and we believe that is more important to worship than to worry about what clothes anyone is wearing.


What is the music like?


Music is a big part of our worship experience, but it would be difficult to put a label on it because we have many different kinds that we use. We have a live Choir that sings hymns that are both traditional and modern.  A church organ and electric piano also provide live music. And we have a modern sound system that plays current Christian and inspirational music, often with video accompaniment. When we have events for children and youth, the music of a "younger" nature is used: whatever best fits the situation.


What about my kids?  Will they be bored?


We hope not; but in case you are concerned about this, we have several solutions. First of all, the church provides a supervised nursery for anyone who might be too young to sit through service or might need special attention.  For those a little older, we have "activity bags" that have things to do and can be brought into church.


If a child wants to, they can go to Children's Church, which starts about half-way through the church service, right after Children's Time.  During Children's Church (at a different place in our church), youngsters learn Bible lessons while taking part in fun activities and arts and crafts.  At Fulton First, we pay special attention to the needs of our young people: our next generation.


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