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Imagine No Malaria

Ashley Riddell (left) from the Upper New York Annual Conference Office was in worship on April 12, 2015 to help share the story of the Imagine No Malaria Program.   While Malaria was eliminated in the US in the 1950’s in other parts of the world, like Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria continues to kill a person every 60 seconds.   The Imagine No Malaria program of the United Methodist Church, in connection with its’ partners, is making a huge dent in this disease.  Ashley has been to Africa and will come to share with us how we are and we can make a difference in eradicating this disease in our lifetime!

Ashley Riddell

What Exactly Is Malaria?

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Malaria is caused by a parasite, which is transmitted to humans through the bite of the female anopheles mosquito. This mosquito flies and feeds at night (which is why bed nets are an effective prevention tool).

When an infected mosquito bites a person, the parasite enters the bloodstream and heads for the liver, where it multiplies. It then re-enters the bloodstream, attacking red blood cells. Typically, someone with malaria experiences a high fever, chills, joint pain and headaches. Left untreated, symptoms eventually advance to organ failure. Nearly 90 percent of malaria’s victims are children under the age of 5 and pregnant women.

Good News: Malaria is 100% Preventable!

Unlike many other diseases that are awaiting a cure, malaria was eliminated in the U.S. in the 1950s. However, in Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria continues to kill a person every 60 seconds. But there is hope! Imagine No Malaria is part of a global partnership and together with our partners, our generation can beat malaria once and for all.

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